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We empower school teachers from across the country to request much-needed materials and experiences for their students. We make it easy for anyone to help a school in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education.


Improve quality of education experience in government schools

More than 70% of students in India in the age of 6-14 attend government schools. These government schools, especially in the rural areas are in need of better facilities, both in terms of infrastructure and educational content.

We are committed to strengthening these schools by incorporating digital learning and clean infrastructure facilities. We seek to make this change by integrating local communities and businesses with local government bodies. Our mission is to create a sustainable platform for government schools in rural area through this effort.


Improve Infrastructure
    a. Promote clean school
    b. Enable green schools
    c. Provide digital infrastructure

Promote Literacy
    a. Promote digital education
    b. Provide a digital stage for students
    c. Provide exposure to higher quality content

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Our Priorities

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Promote Clean School

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Promote Digital Literacy


Separate toilets for boys and girls. Menstrual hygiene management facilities including soap, adequate and private space for changing, adequate water for cloth washing and disposal facilities for menstrual waste, including an incinerator and dust bins.

Promote Digital Literacy

Now you may think, are you serious? It's tough enough getting kids excited about reading and writing, now we're expected to teach them digital literacy? Here's the deal. Digital literacy already has a proverbial foot in the door in relation to students' interests and attention. For a vast majority of digital natives, the idea of books and paper is old and boring. They have these awesome tablets, laptops, apps, etc., that puts old-school media to shame. Why not use students' predisposition to digital media as a driver of engagement?

Daily hand-washing with soap before mid-day meal

Sufficient group hand-washing facilities allowing students to wash their hands at the same time. The hand-washing station should be simple, scalable and sustainable, relying on usage of minimum water.

Digital Literacy Promotes Higher-Order Thought Skills

Digital literacy skills are transmutable from the tech world to real world and meets many of the basic needs required by today's learning standards. Installing strong levels of digital literacy creates great avenues to learn and practice these higher-order skills, ranging from students working collectively via a Google Doc to developing the ability to analyze a web source's credibility (and everything in between).

Drinking water

Daily provision of child-friendly and sustainable safe drinking water and adequate water for hand-washing. In addition water for school cleaning and also food preparation and cooking. Safe handling and storage of drinking water should be practised throughout the school.

Digital Literacy Breaks Down the Walls of Learning and Information

The traditional pen-and-pencil system presents tons of barriers to student access and connection, whether it be the plight of a master narrative, language disconnect, etc. By instilling adept digital skills, students can break through these “walls” and become producers of knowledge.    
Allowing students to find their own learning resources (via the web, cloud-based learning tools, etc.) and analyze the sources’ benefit creates a true personalized learning environment. Students are no longer given a static text set that dictates how and what they should learn. Instead, developed digital literacy skills afford students the ability to seek out and utilize knowledge resources that help them create a personal learning connection.

Behaviour change activities

Water, sanitation and hygiene behaviour change communication activities should be part of the daily routine of all children. Hygiene messages may be integrated into the textbook curriculum or may be imparted through supplementary reading materials, activity based learning methodologies or even during the morning assembly sessions.    
Girls must be taught menstrual hygiene management by female teachers in a sensitive and supportive manner and also take steps to encourage and support girls during menstruation so they do not miss school. This involves menstrual hygiene education sessions at school, along with steps to ensure that girls have a private place to wash and change their clothes.

Digital Literacy Prepares Students for a Digital World

Whether it be working with Microsoft Office, understanding the nuances of a Windows/Mac operating system, or even the simple use of a mouse and keyboard, it's vital for students to be ready to roll when sitting in front of a digital device. In today's climate, gaining familiarity with digital device functions and features is just as important as learning to read and write.

Enhanced capacities

It is essential that capacities are improved at various levels within the sector, to develop the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience to facilitate, finance, manage and monitor water, sanitation and hygiene programmes in schools effectively.

Leadership Team

Naveen Pallayil

Social Entrepreneur and an Investor

Naveen Pallayil has 14 years of splendid experience in heading multimillion dollar business operations in a global environment, lots of energy, passion for technology and people. At Dil Se Education Foundation. Naveen Pallayil shapes and approves foundation strategies, advocates for the foundation’s issues, and sets the organization’s overall direction.

Vice President

Karan M
BE, Anna University


Rohit Kumar Jha
B.Com, Osmania University


Prity Diwan
Chartered Accountant

Joint Secretary

Pratap Reddy


Vishal Prabhukhanolkar
MBA, IIM Ahmedabad

Vijaysree Pandey
Chartered Accountant

Sugam Anand
Student at IIT Delhi

Sam Chowdary
B.Tech, JNTU

Shlok Kr. Nikhil
B.Design, NIFT

Anuraag Gorty
B.Tech, JNTU

Apoorva Agrawal

Ratheeshkumar A
MCA, Calicut University

Ravindar Mettu
B.Tech, JNTU

Divyansh Kumar Singh

Aaanchal Mittal

Pradeep Amirishetty
B.Tech, JNTU

Utsav Singh

Pavitra Galla
B.Tech, JNTU

Rakesh Tyagi

Student, University of Texas

Anish Kunisetty
B.Tech, JNTU

Babesh Edathilthazhe Kuniyil
DECE, STED Council

Rahul Gupta

Suresh Kadari







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